2017 Programme Summary

Bula! Welcome to Fiji

This Mission Overview:

The Golden Oldies Mission is fully escorted to Fiji, running for 11-days this September.
Inspiring a deeper passion for mission and improving the lives of people living in third-world situations.

Mission Experiences:

Exposed: To mission once again, or even for the first time

Engage: With the locals and let the Spirit of God touch your life

Experience: Learning about the challenges the Church and communities face daily

Encourage: The local people

Empathy: Develop a heart for the people and discern how to respond from this experience

And on your return:

Prayerfully consider how God can use this experience to engage you further in mission.

To nurture long term mission awareness, partnerships, project support with our Pacific neighbours.

The Golden-Oldies Mission Tour has the following timetable plan

Day 1               Travel to Fiji

Days 2-8          Visit Suva-based Mission projects

Times are made available for rest, worship, devotionals and reflections from projects visited.

Days 9-10         Relaxation at a tropical resort to reflect on the mission experience and consider our individual responses before we return to New Zealand.

Day 11               Travel back to NZ


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