2020 Mission -Tour Fee Details

The 2020 Mission tour is based on a 11-day trip. Team members depart from either Christchurch or Auckland.

This mission fee includes:

  • Personal Tour Guide will escort you throughout the whole tour.
  • Being lead by the Fijian Projects Coordinator to all the mission projects planned to be visited.
  • Exclusive insights into the heart of Fijian culture, village life, and being hosted by Fijian churches.
  • A Nurse will be a travelling member of the Team to assist with any medical concerns.
  • All flights and departure taxes from Christchurch/Auckland-Fiji-and return to NZ.
  • All transfers within Fiji for travel like Airport-Hotel, to mission projects, and to/from Resort.
  • All accommodation, in Suva which is hostel-styled, and Resort.
  • All meals.


  •  Optional Standard Travel and Medical Insurance cover can be arranged for all tour participants at a Group rate.
    Most Insurance policies are limited to 75-years old, however Golden Oldies Mission have been able to secure this Insurance cover to date for all of our applicants above the 75-years age bracket.
  • A day trip at the resort is organised to an outer island for a day of relaxation and exploration. This is an additional cost.

Mission fees are detailed on the Application Form.

Every effort is made to achieve the Itinerary outlined, with its associated costs, throughout the tour.
However changes to this programme may change to circumstances beyond our control, and applicants must be willing to accept any changes to the itinerary that may arise due to these unexpected circumstances.

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