Back to School

5a basden view

The Anglican school site caters for pre-school, primary and secondary students totalling nearly 1,000

5b basden neville

Golden Oldie Neville shows the students a ‘fitness circuit’ and guess who was last standing… Neville!

5c basden rugby fiji

Rugby Fiji style, a water bottle is the rugby ball. Just another example at the scarcity of resources we encounter at each mission project visited

5d basden wyn poi (2)

Wyn teaches the students a Poi dance -and they totally loved it!!

Life at Fiji Indian Church

7a church

Attending a Fiji Indian Praise and Worship service

7b church avila

Avila enjoying the ‘tanaloa’ -conversation

7c church carol

Carol having a good laugh

7d church jane lorraine neville

Neville, Wyn and Lorraine learning more about Church life in Fiji

Visiting the ‘Tin Cathedral’

6a tin cathedral

The ‘Tin Cathedral’ sits next to this Village’s new church

6aa tin old

Looking inside the ‘Tine Cathedral’ which is now used for Sunday School

6b tin tent

They even put up their tent especially to protect the Golden Oldies from the hot sun. Another example of the love and care shown by the people towards the Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies visit remote village

4aa nadawa walk in

Golden Oldies walking into the remote village

4d nadawa noreen

The Chief taking the team around his village

4e nadawa cafts

A new venture is the ladies making crafts to sell to the team

4ee nadawa

The team share Gods love to the village people

4f nadawa jane welcome

Jane thanks The Chief for their hospitality and partnership that continues to grow between the village and Golden Oldies Missions

Foot Clinics in Shipping Container

3a new world

Checking out a local supermarket was interesting in itself

3b foot clinic

A brand new shipping container has arrived at the Heath Centre and is being opened as a foot clinic

3c maternity

Maternity clothing given to new Mum’s at the busy Maternity Hospital

3d maternity gifts

The team present the medical equipment desperately needed to the Medical Centre and Maternity Hospital

3e st christophers poi

‘Poi’s’ are introduced to the children at the Orphanage. They had never heard or seen them before

Village Celebrations

Arriving Fiji 2018

G&J small

GOM Leaders Graeme and Jane, ready for another mission

The Golden Oldies Mission team return to Fiji for their 7th mission.

“Its about partnering with the Anglican and Christian Churches, along with associated Christian ministries, bringing Gods love for people the team meet”, say GOM leaders Graeme and Jane.

The team works in partnership with the Anglican Church of Polynesia Bible College/MAST in Fiji. The team of Caroline, Pate and Sepi, Dean, and Tekape with watchful oversight by GOM Co-founder Rev. Amy Chambers are ready for the next mission.

“We have been preparing and organising this mission for months, and its heart-warming to have these ‘Golden Oldies’ come to Fiji and encourage our people”, says Fiji GOM Leader Caroline.

Fiji Team

Fiji GOM Partners Caroline, Pate and Dean planning for the GOM arrival

This year, like

other years we

have Golden Oldies from all over NZ coming to experience, learn and serve. We have team members predominately ranging from 60-85-years old, and our average age is

70-years old.

Golden GOM Avila small

One of our Golden Golden Oldies Avila chatting to one the young ladies at a village church

We have two special ‘Golden Golden Oldies’ returning, Jill and Avila. Between them they have contributed in previous missions by sewing at the Orphanage, teaching in schools, preparing craft workshops, and spoken in front of groups of people.

‘We’re so looking forward to meeting our friends in Fiji and seeing how the Golden Oldies projects have developed” says 5-timer Golden Oldie Avila.

Neville Nadawa small

Neville chatting to Village boys in a squatter settlement. The Village is developing micro-businesses and the team are supporting their development.

Alison at Maternity small

Alison talks to a new mother. The Maternity Hospital has minimal medical equipment and the GOM and their supporters have fundraised to donate essential equipment to them