2013 Mission -Class of 2012 Give Feedback

Squatter Village hosts Golden Oldies

Squatter Village hosts Golden Oldies

Not sure about coming on this year’s Golden Oldies Mission 2013?

Well here is some feedback from our pioneering Golden Oldies from the hugely successful inaugural mission run in 2012.

The Golden Oldies Class of 2012 offer their feedback…

What where some of your initial experiences …

“That first visit to one of the villages made a profound impression on us, with these simple, poor people living in tin shacks in the most primitive conditions. They had never had visitors come and stay with them, and their overwhelming welcome to us was quite humbling as we were treated as honoured guests”.

“The faith and vitality of the people in the congregations which welcomed us was awe inspiring…”

Would you recommend Golden Oldies Mission to others?

“Yes, we would and already do, recommend the next trip to others. It was an eye-opening experience that gave a lot of food for thought”.
“In recommending this trip to others I would claim that the trip gave an opportunity to make real contact with the local people- something which is often difficult as a tourist”.
What age is too old to go?

 As the oldest of the oldies [80-something!]we had no real problems in managing the tour. As long as there is no medical/health issue, and the spirit is willing, then age is no barrier!

“The careful/thoughtful organisation, with an experienced nurse as part of the party, meant that we felt very secure and confidence in the leadership”.

Hosted by Holy Family Church at Waidradra, Pacific Harbour

Hosted by Holy Family Church at Waidradra, Pacific Harbour

To know more …
about this year’s Mission please refer to our other Pages here giving more info about it Otherwise email Graeme Mitchell, Tour Leader on: graeme@goldenoldiesmission.com