Anglicare Polynesia

Anglicare Polynesia is a social service agency was established in 2009 to provide welfare services throughout the diocese including assistance during natural disasters, to those living in poverty, dealing with HIV/AIDs, as well as in the area of community development.

Introducing Joe Sanegar

Joe introduces Graeme to one of the ladies who has lived here her whole life, and is now about to be evicted from this land. Thankfully the Church, and the Anglican Missions Board, are working with these people to secure new land.

Jo Sanegar (on right), an Anglicare Polynesia staff member, has been engaged on a part-time basis to facilitate the work of Anglicare Polynesia. His role is to carry out the mission of reaching out to the parishioners, widows, landless and marginalised communities.

His office is also the focal point for the Social Justice Programmes which is the new journey the Dioceses has taken to enhance God’s Mission and MOANA Leadership. Jo, together with the Diocese’s Social Justice Task Force has successfully recently organised two workshops on social justice in the Fiji region.

Jo has offered to host our team and lead us to visit these Community projects and meet the families, hear their stories, and learn about the struggles they face and vision they have to enrich their lives.

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