Vinaka! Farewell from Fiji

11a team farewell

Golden Oldies Graduation Banquet begins

11b bible

A special bible is gifted to the MAST Chapel by the Golden Oldies

11c VIPs

Our ‘Golden-Golden VIP Oldies’ Jill and Avila graduate!

11d peter shy

Come on Peter lets dance

11d dancing

And so the dancing began

11e lilyann

Under a warm starlit night

11f amy

Keep up Amy!

11g large grp dancing

Our ‘VIP’s’ are in the centre of the dancing!

11h small grp dancing

It went on into the night

11i boys dancing

Even the ‘boy’s’ got dragged up to dance!

11j caroline

Finally, to Caroline our Fijian Leader, a BIG vanaka vakalevu (Thank you) from all the 2018 Golden Oldies Mission team!

A remote hospital caring for their people

10a hospital

A remote hospital with 16 beds supporting 80,000 people

10b childrens ward

The Children’s Ward of 1 bed, 2 cots, in the Reception and Nurses Station. AND there’s also one bed in the same room acting as their A&E Centre!

10c ward 1

Visiting the adult wards

10d ward 2

The team had the opportunity to pray for the patients and their families

10e medical equipment

The generosity of many allowed the donation of desperately needed medical equipment to assist the staff in their care of their patients

Greeted by Village Mighty Warriors!

9a rugby jerseys

Even in remote villages, they have their 7’s rugby team that plays every Saturday!

9b golden golden oldies walk

Our ‘Golden Golden’ Oldies being personally escorted through the village

9c arrive village school

Arriving at their Village school

9d classroom

Avila and the team share Gods love with the children of the school

9e poi

Time to teach the poi – a popular event at each visit with everyone, children and parents

9f fish lunch

They live off the fish they catch, so its fresh fish for lunch

9g warriors 1

The VILLAGE MIGHTY WARRIORS challenge the Golden Oldies

9h meke

Time to do the ‘Meke’ -to present a gift of cloth to the village

9j village meeting

The team spend time meeting and sharing with the village people

9k pastor book

Gifts of Christian books for the Sunday School, and a special book for the Village Pastor presented by Jenny

9l bye

‘Moce’ (Bye) “Please come again”, “See you next year”

Travelling to a remote coastal village

8a fish jetty

Arriving at the Fijian style ‘Ferry Terminal’ to travel down an expansive river system to a remote fishing village

8b fish on river

On the river

8c fish mangroves

Through the mangrove tributaries

8d fish near sea

Nearing the mouth of the river and sea

8e walk on sand

Back on land, now a stroll along the beach to the village

8f walk on sand 2

Nearly there! Tranquil, beautiful, and remote

8g village

Walking into the Village

8h village welcome

Greeted by the warmth and friendliness of the Village people

Back to School

5a basden view

The Anglican school site caters for pre-school, primary and secondary students totalling nearly 1,000

5b basden neville

Golden Oldie Neville shows the students a ‘fitness circuit’ and guess who was last standing… Neville!

5c basden rugby fiji

Rugby Fiji style, a water bottle is the rugby ball. Just another example at the scarcity of resources we encounter at each mission project visited

5d basden wyn poi (2)

Wyn teaches the students a Poi dance -and they totally loved it!!

Visiting the ‘Tin Cathedral’

6a tin cathedral

The ‘Tin Cathedral’ sits next to this Village’s new church

6aa tin old

Looking inside the ‘Tine Cathedral’ which is now used for Sunday School

6b tin tent

They even put up their tent especially to protect the Golden Oldies from the hot sun. Another example of the love and care shown by the people towards the Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies visit remote village

4aa nadawa walk in

Golden Oldies walking into the remote village

4d nadawa noreen

The Chief taking the team around his village

4e nadawa cafts

A new venture is the ladies making crafts to sell to the team

4ee nadawa

The team share Gods love to the village people

4f nadawa jane welcome

Jane thanks The Chief for their hospitality and partnership that continues to grow between the village and Golden Oldies Missions

Foot Clinics in Shipping Container

3a new world

Checking out a local supermarket was interesting in itself

3b foot clinic

A brand new shipping container has arrived at the Heath Centre and is being opened as a foot clinic

3c maternity

Maternity clothing given to new Mum’s at the busy Maternity Hospital

3d maternity gifts

The team present the medical equipment desperately needed to the Medical Centre and Maternity Hospital

3e st christophers poi

‘Poi’s’ are introduced to the children at the Orphanage. They had never heard or seen them before

Village Celebrations