Greeted by Village Mighty Warriors!

9a rugby jerseys

Even in remote villages, they have their 7’s rugby team that plays every Saturday!

9b golden golden oldies walk

Our ‘Golden Golden’ Oldies being personally escorted through the village

9c arrive village school

Arriving at their Village school

9d classroom

Avila and the team share Gods love with the children of the school

9e poi

Time to teach the poi – a popular event at each visit with everyone, children and parents

9f fish lunch

They live off the fish they catch, so its fresh fish for lunch

9g warriors 1

The VILLAGE MIGHTY WARRIORS challenge the Golden Oldies

9h meke

Time to do the ‘Meke’ -to present a gift of cloth to the village

9j village meeting

The team spend time meeting and sharing with the village people

9k pastor book

Gifts of Christian books for the Sunday School, and a special book for the Village Pastor presented by Jenny

9l bye

‘Moce’ (Bye) “Please come again”, “See you next year”

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