St Christopher’s Orphanage

St Christopher’s Orphanage is run by an Anglican Order of Sisters, the Community of the Sacred Name, and is another key recipient of support from the AAW.

The majority of the children at the Home are orphans and the other children are there because they have been abused, neglected, abandoned by their families, or for a time may need time away from their families.

The Sisters are amazing women who dedicate their lives to caring for these children.

Sister Claire Masina, one of the founding Sisters and the Sister-in- charge for many years, writes:

“Our care for the children always reminds us that St Christopher means Christ Bearer. In all the children, unwed mothers or people who come to us for their needs, we see Jesus. We do it all for Jesus. We wash and cook, sweep the floor, bath the children, cut the lawn and weed the garden. We count ourselves privileged to be given this task to do for Him”

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