2018 Golden Oldies Mission -Fiji Tour

Our 7th Golden Oldies Mission tour to Fiji is running from Saturday 15 September to Tuesday 25 September 2018.

Building on the successful of the previous year’s tours, it will run for around 11 days, and we are based in Suva.

The team is hosted by the the St John’s Bible College, the MAST.
We will take you to see and experience the missions the Church is involved in, from local schools specialising in supporting the students from squatter settlements and remote villages, to an orphanage, to squatter settlements, visit and be welcomed in a tin church built in under a week, and experience an evening traditional Fijian dinner and cultural celebration at a remote village.

This year we are spending more time on our project sites to allow the team to learn and experience life as it really is for people in Fiji.

Then to finish off the trip we will take you for 2 nights experience at a tourist resort. This gives us time for a bit of ‘R and R’, and reflection for what we have experienced before returning to NZ.

For inquiries on further tours please contact:

Graeme and Jane Mitchell
Golden Oldies Mission Founders and Leaders

Christchurch, New Zealand

E.    graeme@goldenoldiesmission.com


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