A special thanks to these organisations that are supporting these Golden-Oldies Missions:


Archer is a Christian Charitable Trust in Christchurch, owns and operates three Retirement Villages and two fulltime Residential homes. Its motto of ‘living life…loving life’ has the aim of enriching people’s lives, helping our elders live life in all its fullness, just had God had intended for us.

Archer has been very generous in supporting this mission and providing financial support to support the Churches around Fiji through the Golden Oldies Mission trips.

The Archer Memorial Baptist Home Trust has an Archer Kingdom Ministry Fund and have provided generous annual support towards these missions and their donations are very much appreciated.

More information about Archer can be found at:

NZ Church Missionary Society (NZCMS)

In New Zealand, NZCMS and AMB have a very strong and close relationship, partnering together to participate in the Overseas Mission of the Church as Mission Partners.

NZCMS acts as the “mission sending arm”, recruiting and preparing candidates for the mission field and then providing support while they are overseas;


Anglican Missions Board (AMB)

While AMB is the “mission funding arm”, looking after the direct costs of the Mission Partners while overseas through funds raised from the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.


Association of Anglican Woman (AAW)

The AAW has been supportive of a number of the projects the Gold-Oldies Mission Group will visit, including St Christopher’s Orphanage and the water tank projects. Several members on this team are members of the AAW.

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