Christian Schooling

Baston College Year 12 students telling their stories to the Golden Oldies

“When I grow up I want to be a Prison Officer” was what one of the Senior Students shared to the Golden Oldies as they visited the first Anglican Primary and Secondary School. The Primary School caters for 500 children coming from the local area and slum village communities. And seven years ago a Secondary School was established and now there is a class every year upto Year 12, next year expanding to Year 13.Interestingly the Head boy and girl are Hindus, at an Anglican Christian School. Strange choice?

“We welcome the other religions to come and learn at our school, as then we can tell them about our God, and let his love bless them”, was the response from the Deputy Principal.

Peter with student aiming to be a Prison Guard, and Head Boy (right)

Another example of the Fijian Christian approach to embracing cultural diversity.The School with its high standards for excellence and teaching has achieved exam results higher than other schools around Suva. And for them, looking forward, they want to raise funds for the squatter children to gain scholarships for furthering their education, to extend their buildings to incorporate vocational skills training, and of course a Chapel.

As we said our goodbyes several students excitedly told us they would see us tonight. “You are coming to OUR church for dinner”!

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