Medical Emergencies do occur!

Even with the best planning, there is always the risk that our Golden Oldies may on occasions need some medical assistance. Having a Registered Nurse, Adele, with us on the team has provided a great comfort to our members. However when visiting remote villages, and a change to normal daily routines this can unintentionally cause some health issues to arise.

Chris being given some ‘loving TLC’ on a remote island during a day trip

Yet in each situation we faced, the presence and planning by God was evident.

Yes there were a few cases of diarrhoea, insect bites and grazes, but quickly remedied with medical support from Nurse Adele.

But when one of our team fainted in the Church at Pacific Harbour, God ‘in advance’ had already planned the seating arrangements! Seated at the back, our member fainted into the arms of Nurse Adele, ‘coincidently’ seated next to him. Then with Principal Amy and her husband George travelling the hour from Suva and joining the team for this service, they ‘coincidently’ had the only vehicle that could provide transport to a local hospital for a medical assessment. Promptly seen by a doctor there he was released and made a rapid recovery.

Not to be out done, travelling back to Suva airport to return home, another Golden Oldie had a turn for the worse, again with support from Nurse Adele, and communications with our Fijian support team, we were able to divert to a hospital only 3-minutes away. On arriving within 1-minute our member was being treated by professional and efficient nursing staff.

Nurse to the Golden Oldies, Adele, (second on left) always keeping a watcheye on the team

He is making a full recovery, and he and his wife, along with Nurse Adele who stayed to provide any further care needed, will return to NZ later this week. They are recuperating at the Bible College in Suva where the team spent the first part of the mission, receiving VIP care and love from the Christian community there.

The encouraging aspect is; with our experienced senior nurse Adele, our Fijian team support, the Fijian medical system, and God’s protection and provision every step of the way, our Golden Oldies have been kept in good health.

Interestingly, since this Baianarama coup, his priority is quality health for all people, Fijians and visitors, promptly and professionally administered. We saw evidence of this first hand through our two ‘hospitalisations’. In fact Baianarama regularly unannounced, visits medical centres to check their performance. Prior to his leadership this standard of care was unheard of.

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