Introducing the 2013 team…

Finally we are about to ‘hit the road’, well actually, ‘Go on Mission’!

Our team comprises of 17 people from Christchurch, Nelson and Hamilton, with our most mature ‘Oldie’ being the wisest at 84-years old. Fantastic!

The team based in Christchurch have had several training sessions, and some of them are in this photo.

Some of our 2013 Golden Oldies Team. Our oldest this year is a young 84-year old!

Some of our 2013 Golden Oldies Team. Our oldest this year is a young 84-year old!

In this photo (L. to R.)are: Luke Mitchell, Thomas Mitchell (Back), Rev. Wendy Robinson, Peter Robinson(B), Tim Hussey, Grant Taylor (B), Allan Hussey, Elizabeth Risk (B), Isabel Lucas, Graeme Mitchell (B), Jane Mitchell, Adele Bishop (B), Carlene Sykes, and Suzanne Winter (B). Absent, but still very much part of the team are: Andrea Mitchell, Pamela Petherbridge and Pauline Way.

This team will be building on the partnerships that have been developing with the Fijian churches, schools, orphanage, and remote villages since last year’s inaugural Golden Oldies Mission team, and more recently with the NZCMS Families-Youth Mission team.

And to assist with the mission the order has gone out to the team.

“Pack lightly, with everyone asked to ‘donate 5kg’ of baggage space!”  Why?

To take a range of items with us as part of our project support. Items currently include: children’s story books, Anglican Prayer books, baby clothing, educational supplies, and medical equipment including stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors.

Now to get through customs!!

One comment on “Introducing the 2013 team…

  1. Donald Fraser says:

    Greetings … as fine a bunch of humanity as one would expect from Archer. Continue the good work. Regards and Blessings from Us Two at Villa 5.

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