Girls and Boys

AAW members, together, meeting and sharing at the House of Sarah

AAW members, together, meeting and sharing at the House of Sarah

The AAW (Association of Anglican Woman) has an outreach counselling centre called the House of Sarah which the team visited. They learned about the sad increase of family and woman abuse that is occurring in the Fijian community, and the education, training and counselling programmes being developed.
It has also been evident throughout the mission of the role and importance of the AAW groups in all the villages we have visited. They are like the ‘backbone’ of the community and the support received from NZ AAW groups is highly valued and appreciated.
Our boys at play!

Our boys at play!

Meanwhile the boys, our project team, arrived home late last night, exhausted, but as heroes for the enormity of the work they have done this week with the village toilet project. A guard of honour was formed by the Golden Oldies and they were clapped and applauded by the team as their tired bodies made it to the dining room to collapse. They have done an outstanding job in installing all the pipe work and toilets/basins for what is becoming a massive planned official opening this coming Sunday afternoon. Next week I will post the story and pictures.

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