Tragedy Strikes

The team travelled to a remote village up in the hills above Suva, in the mist and drizzle to be welcomed into a squatter village. A moving cultural experience, but tragedy was to follow.
On returning to the Bible College a team member, Mel -an Archer Nurse on the trip, received shocking news that one of her children had suddenly passed away that evening. At 4am this morning Mel, and Thomas as a support person, departed to return to Christchurch this afternoon.
The team and Bible College family have been profoundly saddened with the news and have rallied to offer support. We plan to proceed with our programme to walk through plantations to remote squatter villages today. But Mel, her other 3 young-adult children, and Thomas will be ever-constant in our thoughts and prayers.
More tomorrow.

Mel and Thomas depart for Christchurch early today

Mel and Thomas depart for Christchurch early today

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