Vinaka Lorraine and friends

6.0 GOM Lorraine & Wendy

Lorraine showing her fundraising tin to Archer Chaplain Wendy

Lorraine is a resident in the Archer Rest home in Christchurch. Lorraine has a Golden Oldies Fundraising tin in her room, and as family and visitors came to see her they had to place a donation in her tin. It was filled to over-flowing! and now she is staring to refill it again!!

6.2 GOM-Cubro support Jamie Wendy Ashley

Cubro Reps Jamie and Ashley donating medical equipment to the Golden Oldies Mission

Along with all the residents there and Archer’s other sites of Thorrington and Linrose; individual supporters, Croft Print and Design, Cubro Medical Suppliers, individual supporters and community groups like the local Thursday Craft Group, everyone has generously supported this year’s Golden Oldies Mission to Fiji.

Everyone’s fundraising efforts are going to help provide medical equipment to remote hospitals and Medical Centres and an Old People’s Home; sports equipment to Schools, education stationery to children, bibles to Churches, materials to build a house for a church minister, new signs for churches, and funding to support the mud brick project. And that’s only an example of the support.

A big ‘bula vanaka’ (thank you) to everyone!

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