Angel disguised as a Taxi Driver

On a recent trip to Fiji a couple of Golden Oldies were travelling from Suva airport to their homebase at the orphanage. They were discussing some of the on-going challenges with the mud brick composition. It seemed a bit crumbly. How do we resolve this?

Of all the 1,000’s of taxi drivers in Fiji, Mr Taxi Driver intervened into our chat, stating he is also a University Lecturer at the Fiji University and specialises in testing brick compositions for strength with his students!

Golden Oldies have taken up his offer to partner with Fijian University Lecturers and PhD students to provide on-going research to improve brick strength. Initially they’re going to test a diverse range of additives for the mud bricks for strengthening including waste stream materials like sugar cane husk as an additive and an alternative to sand.

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