Doctor, what’s a VITAL machine?

A 24/7 Health centre with 5 A&E beds, Maternity hospital catering for an average of 3 births/day (with no pain relief available), and a nearby rural 10-bed hospital and outpatients building, all combined together cater for 80,000 Fijians.

Every year Golden Oldies return with donated medical supplies and fundraised money to buy medical equipment to support the team here.

However, it was evident from the scarcity of resources and the desperate cry of the doctors that a key piece of medical equipment was urgently needed.

‘Vitals’ machines provide immediate diagnostic information for doctors and nurses. They have a total of 2 for all their facilities, like sharing it with the labour ward and A&E beds!

Prayerfully the Golden Oldies are now looking to fundraise to supply a minimum of 10 Vital machines to encourage the staff to feel valued and together we can all help to provide care for their patients, and those new babies born daily.

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