Isolated school in the ‘Fijian Amazon’

Travelling in Fijian longboats down the largest flood-prone river in the Suva region, past virgin bush and mangroves plantations was a real adventure for the Golden Oldies team. It felt like they were navigating the Amazon with its isolation and many tributaries joining the muddy river as it made its way to the coast.

The team were visiting a remote primary school. It was the first time this school had hosted overseas visitors. The students had prepared a cultural music and dance ensemble and the team reciprocated with performing a ‘meke’ for them -where the Golden Oldies presented the school and village with a roll of material that they then wrapped around the children to embrace a sense of partnership between both groups.

Finally, the team donated education materials and of course, more sports equipment.

In fact, the balls were already out on the field being used before the team finally left the village!

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