Men’s Groups seeking jobs

Men in many of the squatter settlements are under-employed. Occasionally they get casual employment, otherwise they rely on their cropping and fishing.

“We would like a more jobs, but no one will employ us” they say.  Talking with the men, one idea was to make coffins!

“When someone dies, we all have to find the money from our village to pay for a coffin which is really expensive”.

Golden Oldies are keen to explore this and in discussions with a local NZ Menz Shed, are going to develop coffin building plan templates, and then plan to run training sessions for the men in Fiji to start making coffins in their villages.

It is hoped to also establish a villages cooperative for the men to build coffins at their own churches in the villages and then utilise one of their churches that is site adjacent to a main highway to be their coffin sales base for everyone.

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