The Golden-Oldies escaping during siesta curfew!

The tour had carefully arranged for the ‘oldies’ to have siesta time between events.

But what happens on the first ‘scheduled siesta’?

Yep, a mutiny. There’s most of the team escaping out of their compound to hitch a ride on an open-window local bus for a tour of the city! Chief mutineer, Jill, 80-something, whispered the escape plan to another comrade, and bingo, before you know it the jailbreak word has got around, and virtually the whole team are waiting at the bus stop!

A wonderful trip bouncing along on the island bus with

Jill (left) our wonderful chief muntiner, next to Eileen, and Adele our Nurse in front of them both

Hindu pop music blearing at full volume as we weaved ourselves past upmarket houses next to slums, shopping complexes, the University of the South Pacific and back home before the siesta curfew is finished.

Well done Jill, a great time enjoyed by all the co-mutineers!

5 comments on “Mutiny!

  1. Mike Crowther says:

    Great to see the sense of adventure quickly gaining the upper hand! Somebody told me that Fijian buses had no windows! 🙂

  2. Heather Stewart says:

    You go girl!!!

  3. joan breach says:

    Thanks Graeme for the report. Great to see Adele, Eileen and Jill on the bus. I guess it was Luke, Anthea Jane and one or two other Cantabrians waiting to board the bus.
    Hopefully anyday I will get that message to attend clinic at public, 1 week already passed so hopefully not kept much longer.
    May our Lord bless you all love Joan

  4. claude says:

    love the mutiny…go Jill…love to have you in my team…

  5. you go girl…go Jill… to have you in my team…

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