Welcome to our Shores!

Rev John preaching the word

Rev John Ward, one of Archers Chaplains is leading the team in a daily devotional thought on contrasts from the book of Ephesians. Today this was followed with the group being honoured with the arrival of the Archbishop himself to greet the group.

“you have finally made it!” were the first words expressed by the Diocese of Polynesia Archbishop,  Winston Halapua. “Today history is made with the first Golden Oldies Mission

You ‘Golden Oldies’ are making history today

group arriving onto our shores of Fiji”. The Group were honoured by Winstoin for their decision to step out and come, see, and feel the real Fiji, not what you read in the papers and see on the TV. “Come and join our family, letting us learn from each other and, enjoy your voyage of discovery”.A humbling moment for us all.

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