Locked in the Loo!!!

Help! Save Me! I’m locked in the toilet!

‘Poor ol’Andrea was locked in the lavatory, she was there from…’

well until Golden Oldie SUPER Grant was called to rescue the damsel in distress.

Yes ‘Junior’ Golden Oldie Andrea went to the loo last night before bed and as she went to unlock the toilet door, the latch jammed shut! With no way to crawl underneath and a tall door that towered above her, she was stuck. Cries of ‘stop sitting on the job’ and ‘well just try harder to turn the latch’, were all in vain.

A plea for help to Super Oldie, Grant was made and with Swiss pocket knife in hand, and some kiwi ingenuity the rescue operation went into full swing. With a growing crowd of on-lookers, the 70-something Super Grant scaled the wall of the toilet door, up, over the top and a few minutes later the damsel was rescued, much to the

SUPER Golden Oldie Grant saves the day, ‘My Hero’! says Andrea

applause and tears of joy from an anxious and frightened mother (well maybe not!).

Well done Golden Oldie Super Grant, Andrea’s hero for life!

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