NZ lost to Japan!

We awoke the first morning to be told by every Fijian, I mean very Fijian, that ‘NZ had lost to Japan’ in the Rugby 7’s. Even before a ‘bula’ greeting! The excitement of Fiji winning the final grows exponentially hour by hour! Friday morning the Golden Oldies are leaving early to watch the final with all the students at Basden College in their school hall. College has been postponed till after the final game has been played/won?!

Praise and worship at St Lukes

Praise and worship at St Lukes

The first evening we attended a youth mission church for a youth service and meal. One of the new initiatives spoken about was their Men’s Group doing something unheard of in Fiji. They treated the ladies of the Church to a man-made dinner, where they cooked, served, waited-upon, and even washed the dishes to honour their woman folk. In a strongly male-led culture it was a sign of men showing the respect and value they place in their woman. It impacted significantly on our team with the humility shown by their men. They are also establishing a Men’s Outreach Group to serve the widows and woman of the local area who need any handy-man jobs done to build connections with their community. The Golden Oldies plan to offer support with helping to buy the tools they need to carry out this work.

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  1. jill bennett says:

    Congratulations FIJI I am thrilled at their success .there will be heaps of GO< GOs for the finals coming from NZ,pleased you will be able to help the pupils at Basden with their cheering
    Make extra ones from me please Jill

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