Freight Miracle

baggage 1 small

Arriving at Christchurch Airport with the 21 boxes of donated goods

Many people have sponsored all the equipment, books, carpentry, bibles and much more. But there was a sense of nervousness whether we could actually get what finally totalled of 21 boxes of freight from Christchurch to Suva. So the miracle began.

Christchurch check-in finally accepted the entire 21 boxes. Great start.
But getting through Nadi customs was going to bring us to a crashing halt!

No customs clearance, tax to pay, no documentation completed. The first box was opened…children’s story books. “how much is each book valued at?”, and the questioning began, yet we only had 40-minutes before we would be boarding our next flight to Suva. More questions, more calculations, then suddenly he said, “oh, just take them all through, no charge, welcome to Fiji’

baggage 2 small

Loading the boxes into a car at Nadi Airport carpark

Unbelievable! Rushing through the terminal we located our courier contact, loaded the boxes into his car, and we both departed. The courier driving through the night to Suva, and us to catch our plane.

And just before midnight, 12-hours after leaving Christchurch the full 21 boxes arrived on site at the Bible College in Suva!

baggage 3.jpg

All the freight arrives safely before midnight in Suva!

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    Praise the Lord!

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