Is Praying worth it?

Do we expect God to answer prayers?

This was a question posed by the Archbishop today as he spoke at the Suva Cathedral to us, and 18-people who gave a commitment to following the Christian faith today.

Cathedral 3 small

ArchBishop Wiston preaching to a packed Cathedral today

The powerful sermon left an impression on me that will not just last today, but something I will ponder for the months ahead.

That is just what I got the sense of. I had just been in a place of prayer, filled with God’s spirit – and I was challenged by this experience.

Cathedral 1 small

Golden Oldies arriving at the Cathedral for today’s service

The Cathedral is a beautiful place, and not just in its masterwork of stone and wood, but the people that gathered there. The people worshiped God, and the raising voices of a congregation that believed whole heatedly the words that were leaving their mouths sung with such conviction.

Cathedral 2 small

The congregation witnessing the confirmation of the 18 candidates.

I left feeling uplifted, being among people who loved a living God, and I can only conclude that they believe God answers their prayers. But what about you? Do you have enough faith to believe that God can answer your prayers too?


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