Back to School!

School1 small

Students play Tennis on the field at Holy Trinity School.

Holy Trinity School is a Primary School in Suva with 750 students and only 18 teachers. Four of the teachers were away this week, throwing our Golden Oldies of Wendy, Avila and Norma in the deep end to teaching large classes between 40-45 children. They have done a great job and loved being called ‘Maam’!

school wendy small

Wendy hard at work, teaching a class at Holy Trinity.

school norma avila small

Avila and Norma after a long week at teaching at Holy Trinity

Today we got a chance to experience it for ourselves, spending time in the classrooms. There were three or four Golden Oldies in each room, as we split up and tried to met as much of the children as possible. The children were so excited to see us, jumping out of their seats and loudly greeting us. The groups did all different things, some of did quizzes, songs or just talked one-on-one with the children.

School2 small

We played “Simon Says” with the children in one of the classrooms.

In our class Pauline gave the children a talk about how important education was and why she decided to stick with it and do more after working. Next we asked the teacher what they were studying and Alison helped teach them, asking questions about where each parts of the body were, what they did, and even asked them to teach us how to say them in Fijian. Sadly all too quickly it was time to go!

school don small

Don showing some of the children his “magic tricks”.

I found myself being hugged by about 30 children all at once as we said goodbye and tried to leave, but it was like they didn’t want us to go! They children were all hanging onto me as I made my way slowly out the door, some of them even tried to follow us out the door! It was an amazing experience and I felt honored and privileged to bring smiles to these children faces.

school uniforms small

Donations of new PE and Sport Uniforms for the school.

It was a real eye opener to the way the school operates and how the children are educated. The teachers are trying their best in conditions of a school bursting at the seams, with little resources and not enough classrooms. I loved the experience of being in the class and meeting the children. Their happiness at seeing us and their joy of joining in with activities and singing was inspiring.

orphange1 small

Jane in fellowship with the women and children at St. Christophers.

This had been a morning of inspiration. Before this we had visited St. Christophers orphanage. We were given a tour by one of the ‘children graduate’ girls who is studying at University and now helps out there. There are 28 children at the orphanage at this time, ranging from just one up to early 20’s. It was with great relief and a weight lifted off our shoulders at the sight of how well run and how much care, grace, and love was provided here. I was inspired by the amount and variety of books they had at their library as well.

orphange2 small

Sister Karlo and Melva having a laugh at St. Chritophers.

God was certainly moving in the places we visited today, moving in the loving calm and grace, and in the crazy, yet passionate, chaos of an over stretched school providing great education to so many students.

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