A Cocktail of Young and Old

First the Old

The team visited a Government-funded Old People’s Home for residents with nowhere else to live. Rejected by their families, some have lived here for over 30-years, many with either severe disabilities or psychiatric behaviours.

Recently there has been a change in emphasis in care. The priority has moved from solely a clinical focus to a more holistic model of care. Staff are engaging residents in the decision-making for their daily lives and  even trying to reunite residents with their families.

The team spent time talking with residents and staff, and were inspired by the care being provided by staff with minimal resources.

Then the VERY Young

Next was the Maternity Hospital and Emergency Health Centre. The Maternity Hospital delivers 80-babies/month with only one Nurse available at the delivery. Today 7 young ladies had either just had their baby or were hoping to give birth later today. They stay for 12-24 hours before returning home.

GOM Supporters had provided much needed medical equipment and some Golden Oldies from previous years had prepared ‘New baby Gift Packs’ which were handed out and warmly received by the new mothers.

The Emergency Health Centre has 800 people/day arriving for emergency treatment and medical attention. The Centre caters for 90,000 people in the region.

The GOM visit and donated gifts are very much appreciated by the medical staff. They even remembered what we had brought from previous years!

The Youth with the ‘Young at Heart’ Oldies

The Orphanage was an inter-generational meeting of young and not-so-young. The children performed skits and songs, and the GOM reciprocated.

It was a lovely time of engaging with them and hearing their dreams for the future.
Some of our ‘Junior Golden Oldies’ represented the GOM team on the field!

Finishing with the mandatory ‘Family Photo’!

17.30b GOM team

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