We’re worried about our future

Muddy track leads to warm welcome

Trekking along a muddy, slippery track to a squatter settlement was a challenge! Yet it was well worth it with the warm welcome received by the Village Chief.

He told the team about the fear they live with daily about their future. 70 people live in this tin-housing village being encroached by new housing developments. The team prayed for the Village, that the current Court case to retain their land from Property Developers will be successful for their future survival.

Subsistence living

The Village lives off its fishing, crops and micro-business crafts. The Golden Oldies were proudly shown around their village, and learning about subsistence living within a city boundary.

They previously had 10 pigs they were rearing for income, but disease has left only one pig remaining. Pigs of improved strain are needed to continue this venture, and now they need to fund raise for that. It is something the team are looking to support.

Building relationships

The mission trip here was another change to engage with people, encourage them, pray together, and consider how through these partnerships we can further support them and grow our faith together.


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