Back to the future


This Church School faces many challenges. The Government appoints all the staff for every school, and then also determines their length of stay there. It means teaches arrive at Church schools with no passion to share the underlying values of the school. In fact it appeared many teachers there may not subscribe to the Christian that the School was founded on.

Currently one Sister from the Anglican Sisterhood acts as the Chaplain for all the 900 students. It is her role to provide ‘Religious Instruction’ to the entire School.

The Principal appreciated the visit of the Golden Oldies to bring the story of the gospel in song, drama, skit, poi and testimony.  It was well received by the junior and senior students. The team also presented gifts of donated books, stationery, and sports equipment, all things very scarce in existence.

It is a credit to the teachers of Fiji for the efforts they are making to educate their students with limited resources. And also a credit to the Fijian Government who have prioritised education as their future, by resourcing it with free education and transport for all.

Yet there is still a long way to go, and it is good to know that the Golden Oldies contributions can make a small difference for the good of the Fijian children at the same time.

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