Ambushing a Squatter Village!

Walking past squatter shacks on the way to a remote village

The Golden Oldies unannounced, descend on a squatter village through a plantation jungle track passing similar squatter settlements along the way. Biscuit tin shacks with mud floors, fire pits against the inner wall, and cloths draped over doorways are the family’s life possessions.Yet on arriving at this remote village with it 10 shacks and 60 people, we are instantaneously welcomed and offered coconuts for refreshments.

The children climb to the top of the palms, the men slash the tops off them as they fall to the ground, and the fresh cold coconut-lemon flavoured juice is enjoyed by everyone.

This village is another example of the church raising funds to secure the land for them and future generations. Their only income is from the men going out in their canoe-styled fishing boats on a rising tide through the

Spot the girl that has climbed up the palm tree (at top) to get coconuts for the Golden Oldies to drink

mangroves to the sea, and return when the tide turns and refills the mangroves by their settlement.The stillness, peaceful surrounds on a warm 25C afternoon with the birds singing in the palms above felt idyllic. The reality is they live there permanently and survival from day to day is their life.

One comment on “Ambushing a Squatter Village!

  1. joan breach says:

    Oh what fun and experiances you are all having.! Blessings to you all Joan

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