Two firsts

St Lawerance, The first Anglican Church on Fiji’s main island

St Lawrence Anglican Church in Nausouri is the first Church built on Viti Levu,1881, and today hosted the first ever Golden Oldies mission group from NZ. Nestled in the main street of a bustling little town and opposite the courthouse, this quaint little church has seen better days.

The beautiful architecture and its proud history are fading as this church now sits in disrepair. Its brokenness reflects its physical appearance, but spiritually there is a strong sense of God within its walls and people who worship here.

The Golden Oldies were hosted by the parish for a luncheon and their dreams to bring the love of God to this township were expressed with passion and conviction. Sometimes its difficult to explain why you are moved by things, but this tired historical church had something anointed about it.

The presence of God was very evident

It left its mark on the Golden Oldies as they said their farewells, pondering about how working in partnership they could support the restoration of this once fine church back to its former glory.

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  1. Cathy Meyer says:

    Graeme, your thoughts about this particular visit have really inspired me as well. Thank you. Cathy Meyer

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